Farringdon Asset Management Pte Ltd is one of the largest independent asset managers in South East Asia. The company and its associate businesses manage more than $2.1 billion of global assets. 



As external asset managers, we work with a range of private banks to offer clients a fully integrated solution covering their investment, banking, tax planning and succession planning needs.

We benefit from the research and services provided by the world’s top private banks and other financial institutions and we can use those resources to create a unique solution tailormade to your financial needs.

Services such as these are normally only offered by private banks to individuals with at least $10 million on account. However, as an independent manager, we can offer the same level of service to investors with substantially less.

What makes us different?

As an external asset manager, we can provide you the benefits of an independent financial adviser and the abilities of a private banker.

Many clients have a financial adviser looking after their affairs. However as an asset manager we can offer a much wider range of investments without being focused on selling you an investment product.

Many clients who come to us are discontented with traditional insurance-based products based in the offshore market because those products have opaque charges and limited flexibility. Through private banking platforms, we can offer you a range of investments such as single-listed equities or exchange-traded funds which can help reduce your overall costs and maximise your returns.

Our accounts offer a complete solution that covers the following aspects of your investment planning - all within a single account:


  • A debit account that comes with a debit card;
  • An additional credit-card facility;
  • An account linked to your very own private-banking platform, so that we can design a bespoke portfolio;
  • The ability to leverage your investments to maximise returns;
  • The ability to use your accounts to obtain preferential mortgage rates via the same bank;
  • No lock-in period, unlike many other products on the market.

Many clients who come to us have already had a bad experience with the banking and private-banking services offered by retail banks, simply because their accounts are not large enough to warrant proactive advice. In addition to this, staff at such institutions can often be very focused on selling products to clients, with little if any ongoing service and often no clarity about where the bank has layered its fees. Many of these institutions can also have a high turnover of staff and it is rare to build a long-lasting relationship with one individual.

As an independent company, we have a vested interest in maintaining an ongoing relationship with our clients. In addition to this, being independent means we are not tied to selling any particular investment or other product, allowing us to look at what is best in the overall market place.