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Tax Planning can be one of the biggest problems for wealthy individuals who live offshore. We benefit from tax-planning services offered by private banks and other institutions and we can use these resources to help structure your assets in the most tax-efficient way possible.

The institutions we work with can help create a range of structures to help protect your assets and minimise future taxes.

The world is constantly altering the tax environment and this gives individuals issues when planning for their future. We are there not only to provide tax solutions now but also in the future, bearing in mind the ever-changing environment.

The tax regimes of countries are constantly changing and becoming more widespread in terms of offshore investments. If you are looking to return to your home country in the next twelve to eighteen months, then we strongly recommend you start looking at your investments now and begin the process of protecting your assets.

If you have a query regarding your eventual repatriation back to your home country or offshore tax planning, please email us and we will be happy to review your situation and provide some personal tax planning ideas for you.

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